Tableau makes it easier for organizations to deliver trusted data at scale

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Tableau Software has announced the general availability of Tableau Prep Conductor, a new product that enables organizations to schedule and manage self-service data preparation at scale.

Tableau Prep Conductor is part of a new subscription offering called the Tableau Data Management Add-On. This expansion of the Tableau platform helps customers ensure that governed and timely data is easily available and ready for analysis. Tableau will continue to add more features to the add-on, including cataloging capabilities later this year.

Prep Conductor enables data preparation at scale by centralizing the administration, scheduling, and monitoring of data prep flows within an integrated platform. Flows created in Tableau Prep Builder (an updated name for Tableau Prep) are published to Prep Conductor to run in a reliable and scalable environment. Prep Builder is already in use by more than 11,000 customer accounts, and Prep Conductor will help organizations use it more broadly by ensuring trusted, governed data is always available for analysis.

Because Prep Conductor is natively
integrated into Tableau Server, it means there is nothing new to deploy or
manage. Central teams like IT can manage flows across the entire organization,
leveraging the same authentication, permissions, and management tools they
already use in Tableau. It allows customers to build permissions specifically
around data flows and data sources in order to maintain control and meet data
compliance needs and policies. Prep Conductor also provides increased
visibility into the health of data sources through updated status reports and
proactive alerts.

“Customers are being deluged with more data
than ever before and are struggling to understand, manage, and curate all of
that information to enable great decision-making,” said Francois Ajenstat,
Chief Product Officer at Tableau. “With the Tableau Data Management Add-On, we
are making it easier for organizations to deliver trusted and governed data at
scale, so their entire organization can get to analysis faster and with more

Later in 2019, the Tableau Data Management
Add-On will also include new cataloging capabilities that will help
organizations gain visibility into their data and enhance data discoverability
for end users. With cataloging, customers will be able to search for many types
of data from a single location. Enriched metadata will also provide additional
context and detail to help people feel confident that they are understanding
and selecting the correct data. These cataloging capabilities will also give
better visibility and control to maintain their environment, save time, and
avoid costly breakages on production workbooks.