Talend enables Uniper to analyze data at scale in the Cloud

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Uniper, an international energy company, is using Talend to power its Uniper Data Analytics Platform.

Talend integrates data coming from nearly 100 external and internal sources, including ETRMs, DWHs, IoT data coming from power station sensors and SAP enterprise data, into a Snowflake cloud-built data warehouse that enables a modern, central data lake on Microsoft Azure. This deployment helps business users access real-time industry, customer, and financial data to react better and faster to the market and improve energy trading.

The utility and power industry is in the midst of the biggest disruption in decades. According to the IEA, oil, gas, and coal represent about 80% of primary energy demand. However, current sector forecasts for energy demand from the IEA suggest that renewables and nuclear will grow the fastest between 2013 and 2040 (6.7% and 2.3% CAGR respectively. In response, forward-looking public and investor-owned utilities are leveraging cloud computing, automation, and multichannel communication to transform their back-office and operations systems. These technology-driven approaches are improving the way that utilities engage with residential, commercial, and industrial customers, moving beyond outage maps and online bills to provide operations updates, energy/resource efficiency programs, and tailored rate structures.

“By enabling us to integrate, centralize, and standardize our most valuable data, Talend gives us a single point of truth for decision support,” said René Greiner, Vice President for Data Integration, Uniper SE. “Employees in selected departments now have the support of data self-services to make the right decisions faster while ensuring high data quality and governance.”

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Uniper was facing the challenge of expanding its market position while attempting to gain agility and improve efficiency. In 2017, the idea of an organization-wide data strategy emerged where selected business functions, including energy trading, risk management, sales and finance should be able to quickly and easily access market and customer data as well as internal key figures and financial data. To create its Data Analytics Platform, Uniper selected Tableau along with Talend to integrate data into a Snowflake modern, central data lake in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This action helped reduce integration costs by 80%, while ensuring data governance. In addition, Uniper uses Talend Data Catalog including end to end metadata management capabilities, which intelligently indexes all data sources in the company to make them accessible in a self-service process. Through the Uniper Data Analytics Platform, business users are now able to improve trading in energy markets and offer electricity and gas in the right quantities at the right time.

“We’re thrilled to help Uniper bring all their external and internal data into a modern, central data lake in the cloud,” Snowflake’s General Vice President EMEA, Thibaut Ceyrolle said. “With data from a variety of sources in one place, Uniper can benefit from rapid analytics and derive data-driven insights.”

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