Pivotal iQ IT Intelligence - TCS awarded $2.25 billion outsourcing contract by media research company Nielsen

IT Intelligence Bulletin – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has won a $2.25 billion outsourcing contract from US-based consumer research firm Nielsen.

The deal, the largest ever secured by an Indian IT firm, will top up the existing contract until 2025.

Nielsen had first awarded a $1.2 billion contract to the Mumbai-based company in 2007 for 10-year period. In 2013, Nielsen extended its ongoing contract with TCS by three years until 2020 and more than doubled the value to $2.5 billion.

The terms of the agreement have been extended for an additional five years so as to expire on December 31, 2025, with three one-year renewal options granted to Nielsen, the research company said in a regulatory filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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“Nielsen has committed to purchase services from TCS from the Effective Date through the remaining term of the Agreement (the ‘Minimum Commitment’) in the amount of $2.25 billion, including a commitment to purchase at least $320 million in services per year from 2017 through 2020, $186 million in services per year from 2021 through 2024, and $139.5 million in services in 2025,” it stated.

The filing added that the Mumbai-based firm will globally provide Nielsen with professional services relating to IT – including application development and maintenance – BPO, client service knowledge process outsourcing, management sciences, analytics, and financial planning.

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