Trustwave launches new proactive threat hunting service for US government agencies

IT Intelligence Bulletin – Trustwave has announced a new threat hunting service designed to help US government agencies address cybersecurity challenges.

The service helps bolster agencies’ cyber defences and can help thwart an attacker’s activities by detecting cybersecurity threats sooner and shutting them down before extensive damage can occur. A recent report by the US Government Accountability Office, which surveyed the 24 major federal agencies, found they have been inconsistent in implementing cybersecurity requirements from the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Trustwave Threat Hunting for Government is a purpose-built, professional services engagement that can help agencies better understand their vulnerabilities and effectively address risks using state-of-the-art technology coupled with hands-on deep investigations. These assessments are led by the renowned Trustwave SpiderLabs security team and leverage behavioural analytics and proprietary threat intelligence to proactively identify threats, isolate malicious behaviour, and mitigate breaches.

After thorough assessment, this highly specialized group cross-references and correlates findings with additional intelligence on security events gleaned from the latest endpoint detection and response technologies and Trustwave’s global threat intelligence to garner a much deeper and holistic view into a government organization’s current state of compromise and threat vulnerability.

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Governments, like organizations across other industries, are struggling to detect highly sophisticated and targeted threats, and when they do, it’s often months or even years after a cybersecurity incident. Even those that have invested in the latest detection technologies often miss leading indicators of a security compromise due to internal error, which increases the risk of damage or loss during a breach.

Further, the current administration – through its recent Cybersecurity Executive Order and subsequent IT modernization report – is urging agencies to take steps to better protect high-value, high-risk assets, as well as increase understanding of their holistic cyber risk so they can proactively identify gaps in defence and then mitigate accordingly.

“Finding and neutralizing cybersecurity risks and attacks are akin to finding that needle in the haystack,” said Bill Rucker, president, Trustwave Government Solutions. “Threat Hunting for Government leverages our expertise in threat intelligence and extended history of working with government agencies to efficiently and proactively identify risks as well as limit the impact of cyber criminals.”

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