Turbonomic and AppDynamics partnership neutralizes complexities of cloud management

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Turbonomic is extending its collaboration with AppDynamics to now include joint sales, marketing and support.

Turbonomic’s industry-leading Application Resource Management (ARM) solution, when integrated with the AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) solution, enables enterprise customers to achieve fully-automated application performance assurance – an approach trusted by the world’s largest companies running the most complex and dynamic applications.

New generation of cloud native applications

As a long-time AppDynamics technology partner, Turbonomic extends the visibility, insight, and action of AppDynamics to dynamically resource applications, thereby sustaining customers’ target end-user response times. In doing so, Turbonomic bridges all infrastructure tiers and application teams, breaking down silos which are widening as customers embrace a new generation of cloud native applications distributed across multicloud environments.

Seamless cloud management experience

“Performance degradation is not an option in today’s digital age and abandonment rates confirm this,” said Brian Paul, head of ecosystem strategy and development, AppDynamics. “With increasingly complex application environments and the acceleration of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, now more than ever, businesses need cross-domain visibility, insights and automation to ensure their applications are performing optimally and delivering an exceptional customer experience. The unique alignment between AppDynamics and Turbonomic enables a proactive approach to neutralize the complexities of cloud management through full stack automation powered by an application centric decision framework that makes on-demand resourcing of applications possible and ultimately delivers a seamless experience for the user.”

Complexity of multicloud

“Historically, IT has separate teams who either monitor applications or resources. While both teams have a shared goal of assuring application performance and should be closely collaborating, the complexity of multicloud, containers and more are driving them apart. Turbonomic Application Resource Management uniquely brings these teams together in the manner in which they were always intended and needed to align,” said Tom Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Turbonomic.

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