Unit4’s new cloud extensions deliver extended functionality

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Unit4 has announced new cloud extensions that deliver extended functionality to Unit4 applications quickly and simply.

Developed using Unit4’s Extension Kit, these microservices-based extensions are available on Github. Unit4 is providing customers and partners with the freedom to develop differentiating front-end applications that benefit from the critical data held in their back-office systems. 

The new services include:

  • Calendar event posting in Outlook when an absence is created in Unit4 Business World
  • Automated reporting if a customer/donor registered in Business World is on the U.S. government Watch list
  • Reporting of customers credit risk evaluation via Dun and Bradstreet
  • Creating a Service Request in Business World using Google Forms
  • Welcoming new employees using Unit4’s Digital Assistant
  • Populating information on suppliers in Business World using data from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Exemplary cloud extensions

These new services designed to meet specific customer needs and are exemplary of how easy enterprise software can now be tailored by users to create better experiences.

“These are just examples of services that can be created. Our Extension Kit is unique among enterprise software vendors and takes advantage of our modern ERP architecture so partners and customers can easily extend their enterprise systems with differentiating services,” said Claus Jepsen, Deputy CTO, Unit4. “Organizations focused on delivering the best experience to their people can build out from the core ERP system to add and connect whatever they need to.”