IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Vbrick has announced that Rev, its industry leading enterprise video platform, has been certified to work with Citrix’s new Browser Content Redirection (BCR) 2.0 technology. 

As a result, Citrix customers can now use Rev to seamlessly and securely deliver video-based media through the Citrix virtual environment directly into a user’s browser ensuring an optimal user experience.

Companies in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Government often seek to closely manage applications and control network security while still providing a seamless user experience and access.  These companies often deploy virtual environments as a means to deliver on these system requirements.  Virtual apps and desktops also help these organizations ensure regulatory compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity. However, these companies are often challenged to deliver video in a virtualized environment due to the browser based nature of this architecture.  Traditionally, solutions leveraged technology including Flash and proprietary software packs to enable video delivery.

With Adobe’s announcement that Flash will reach end of life by Q4 2020, companies like Citrix have transitioned to HTML 5 as a means to enable video content delivery for their customers.  As part of this transition, Citrix released the Browser Content Redirection (BCR) tool which redirects entire web pages to the user’s computer, enabling their machine to decode and render websites that embed audio and video.  BCR technology allows Citrix customers to continue to centralize and secure their unified communication approach but also deliver a seamless user experience for audio and video.

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The Rev enterprise video platform is built using HTML5 and this certification means it now is optimized to work within the Citrix virtualized environment to efficiently deliver the same rich, scalable, secure, hi-resolution capabilities to the Citrix thin client that is delivered to the desktop, mobile, and tablet users.  Further, Rev delivers this experience natively to the Citrix client without having to install, manage or update cumbersome plug-ins.

“This certification for Rev means that Citrix customers can now leverage Rev to deliver high quality and secure video across their virtual network to users regardless of location or bandwidth constraints.  This amplifies the Citrix value proposition and ensures an optimal user experience for our customers,” said Fernando Klurfan, Citrix Principal Product Manager in HDX.

Shelly Heiden, CEO of Vbrick added, “Business use of video has exploded in recent years as companies look to live video for use cases from CEO town halls to on-demand video for training and marketing.  This video content must be managed and delivered securely.  We are excited that Rev can provide that capability to Citrix customers as they employ video as part of their digital transformation strategies.”

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