Verizon study reveals companies are more mobile but investment in mobile security is not priority

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Verizon’s second Mobile Security Index finds that more organizations are compromising mobile security to “get the job done”, and in turn are facing a greater risk of data loss, downtime and damage to their reputation and customer relationships.

In addition, both parties will also work together on the research and development of next generation cyber security solutions for autonomous vehicles.

The findings from Verizon’s Mobile
Security Index 2019 show that despite companies saying they see risks growing,
companies’ defenses aren’t keeping up.

“Companies are increasingly reliant on
mobility as the backbone of their business operations so there needs to be a
priority on securing those devices,” said TJ Fox, SVP & President Business
Markets with Verizon. “The applications on these devices now manage things like
supply chain systems, point of sale systems, or customer facing apps. The lack
of robust security measures could potentially expose corporate assets, and
possibly customer data, to malicious actors.”

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Survey snapshots:

  • Five of six (83 percent) respondents said that their organization was at risk of mobile threats, 29 percent said that it was a significant risk
  • Two thirds (67 percent) of organizations said they are less confident about the security of their mobile assets than other devices
  • Almost half (48 percent) said they had sacrificed security to “get the job done”, up from 32 percent last year
  • Five of six (85 percent) said organizations need to take mobile security more seriously
  • Nearly half (46 percent) of those that sacrificed security admitted to suffering a compromise
  • More than three fifths (62 percent) of respondents that suffered a compromise described it as “major”
  • 81 percent admitted using public Wi-Fi, even when many said doing so was prohibited by company policy
  • 80 percent of those that said they were responsible for securing mobile devices said they use public Wi-Fi, even when doing so was prohibited by company policy
  • 43 percent said that remediating the effects of a mobile-related compromise was “difficult and expensive”

Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2019 provides
unique insight into the current mobile threat landscape and what organizations
are, or in many cases aren’t, doing to protect their data and key systems. This
year’s findings are based on a survey of over 600 professionals involved in
buying, managing and securing mobile devices for their organizations.

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