Vertex releases integration with Magento Commerce

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Vertex is the first sales tax software provider included as a Core Bundled Extension (CBE) with the latest release of the flagship Magento Commerce platform.

As a Premier Magento Technology Partner, Vertex has delivered tax solutions for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source users since 2015. This new integration provides Magento merchants with direct access to an automated sales and use tax solution, eliminating manual compliance processes across multiple storefronts and improving the customer e-commerce experience.

“Accurate tax calculation should be a seamless aspect of online shopping that the consumer shouldn’t have to think about, despite many potential tax complexities,” said Bradd Wildstein, director of sales at Vertex. “The goal of the integration is to make automated tax calculation a reality for online retailers so they can focus on sales and business goals, rather than the latest tax rates and rules.”

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Users can now access the preinstalled Vertex sales tax software directly from the Magento Commerce admin panel. Key merchant benefits include:

  • automated sales tax calculations for all transactions,
  • constantly updated tax content and determination of taxability across different jurisdictions and countries, and
  • allows merchants to maintain exemption certificates, process coupon or discount codes and generate signature-ready PDF returns

“Vertex provides Magento Commerce merchants with a powerful, industry-leading sales tax engine,” said Mark Lenhard, senior vice president of strategy and growth at Magento Commerce. “The combined capabilities of our cloud platform and Vertex tax automation help Magento users to simplify end-to-end tax processes and ensure transaction accuracy to protect their businesses and grow sales.”

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