Vodafone partnership with Perch delivers digital experiences for consumers

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Perch, a leader in physical and digital displays for retail marketing, is working with Vodafone Business to provide reliable, consistent, and engaging digital experiences in stores via Internet of Things (IoT) services.

Perch provides digital displays to global retailers, including Johnson & Johnson, Kate Spade, Beam Suntory, CoverGirl, and more, that can determine when a customer approaches, touches, or picks up a physical item and immediately engage that shopper with a digital message – similar to an online shopping experience.

IoT at the core

With retail locations spread throughout shopping malls with limited infrastructure and unreliable WIFI, connecting the displays can be a challenge. Working with Vodafone Business, Perch can leverage a secure, reliable network connection so that in-store digital experiences are always on. Perch can easily add new displays onto their network as their business grows globally. With Vodafone Business IoT at the core of its connectivity, Perch can confirm the health of all display devices, manage complicated global billing structures, as well as efficiently provision and de-provision devices.

Digital experiences deliver customer insights

“We want to create the best in-store customer experience so we needed a dependable partner who could help us connect displays for our customers around the world,” said Trevor Sumner, CEO, Perch. “We’re revolutionizing the way people shop and experience products in-store and we need to integrate our technology with the best possible solutions. Vodafone Business IoT helps us make sure our customers can deliver that perfect message at the perfect time in their stores while also gaining incredible marketing insights into customer behaviour.”

By delivering the right message directly to the consumer right when they engage with a product – retailers can increase in-store sales. Perch displays can also send anonymized information back to marketers helping them better understand how consumers are shopping in their stores and make smarter decisions around the overall store experience.

Revolutionizing the shopping experience

“Through Vodafone’s collaboration with Perch, consumers can have a better and more personalized experience when they shop,” said Ludovico Fassati, head of IoT, Vodafone Americas. “Vodafone is pleased to collaborate with Perch combining interactive displays with our global IoT network to revolutionize the shopping experience.”