New HG Audience segments allow hyper targeting of digital display ads for more effective results

Santa Barbara, CA, July 19, 2017 — ( HG Data, the global leader in company intelligence for B2B technology marketers, today announced the launch of its custom HG Audience data sets designed for digital advertising offerings for B2B marketing campaigns.

HG Audience segments allow B2B marketers to hyper-target prospective customers or entire market categories with online advertising based on the installed technologies and other business needs and conditions tracked by HG Data. In addition to using HG Audience segments, users can also build segments based on standard firmographics or the functional area of the decision makers they want to target.

With HG Audience, marketing teams can deploy precise communications at scale, sending relevant messages that directly address company needs to the right decision makers within the right organizations. HG Audience segments are widely accepted by leading data management platforms and demand-side platforms, which makes it easy for advertisers to integrate them into their existing workflows.

“HG Audience allows companies to modernize their digital advertising targeting strategy in a profound way,” said John Connell, Vice President of Digital for HG Data. “Instead of deploying digital ads based on just traditional firmographics or Internet content consumption, companies can now use our precise custom segments to apply ABM-style focus to traditionally broader-reach display media tactics. With HG Audience, we’re giving our customers access to the influencers and decision makers at the companies that matter to them, leading to better engagement, greater efficiency and much better ROI on their advertising dollars.”

“We’ve been accessing HG Audience segments early-on for our clients and having another unique B2B data layer integrated within our media buying platforms is proving highly valuable,” said Brandon Friesen, President of Just Media, a premier digital marketing agency. “Having the ability to add installed technology datasets into our targeting approaches, both as a buying indicator and to create messaging relevancy, is delivering efficiencies and impact for our clients.”

“While HG Data’s installed business technology data is well known, we’re impressed by the extension of their platform into other critical areas of B2B,” said Greg McCastle, President of Media at Dstillery, an industry-leader in digital intelligence. “Through working with HG Audience, we have been able to present some of our clients in healthcare and other areas with detailed audience access that is exceptional. We’re eager to see how HG Audience will continue to evolve and work alongside Dstillery’s data-driven marketing solutions.”


About HG Data

HG Data uses advanced data science to deliver actionable insights that give B2B companies the competitive advantage they need to succeed. The best-in-class leader for accurate technographics, based on machine learning and advanced data science, HG Data provides B2B marketers with better intelligence to increase their ability to analyze, segment, and speak to their target markets, while innovative OEMs use our information to enhance and differentiate their product offerings. Our proprietary processing platform continuously analyzes billions of documents to curate a comprehensive and unparalleled business intelligence library of the software and hardware that companies use to run their business. HG Data delivers precision targeting at scale.

This press release was first published on PRWeb.