There’s a lot of data available to B2B marketers, but having the right data is the first step toward building an effective account based marketing strategy. But what is the right data, and how do you apply it?

When account based marketing is done right, sales and marketing teams can align behind the best prospects to target and develop messages that resonate with these prospects. This webinar will help you:

– Recognize the right data for account based marketing campaigns
– Apply that data to create hyper-relevant campaigns
– Measure and continually optimize your ABM campaigns

Moderated by John Donlon, research director at SiriusDecisions, and featuring presentations by Mark Godley, CRO of HG Insights, and Vin Turk, COO of Madison Logic, this webinar demonstrates the type of data you need to succeed in your programs. Vin and Mark will also share use cases as to how data is helping them deliver extraordinary results in real-world ABM programs.

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