Imagine the competitive advantage of knowing what competing or complementary hardware or software your prospects or current accounts use to run their business. With comprehensive technographics from HG Insights, you can improve the way you segment markets, refine messages and offers, direct ABM (account-based marketing) initiatives, and feed business intelligence systems to develop actionable analytics.


Every day, HG Insights indexes more than two billion unstructured documents from offline and online resources. We go well beyond the digital signature information commonly found on public websites, processing content such as social media posts, case studies, press releases, blog articles, government filings, job listings and more, to give you the accurate, reliable B2B intelligence you need to achieve extraordinary results in your sales and marketing campaigns.

Our proprietary Data Integrity Platform parses and cleans our large datasets, and curates them through machine learning, pattern matching, sophisticated analytics, and other methods. In addition, our platform and data refinement process are constantly fine-tuned by our world class team of in-house data scientists and engineers, who comprise more than 50% of our company.