When you can see what your accounts spend on IT, what technologies they have installed, and when their contracts are up for renewal, you’re in a much better position to add value to your prospects and deliver more revenue for your company. Every day, successful sales teams are using the Magic Triangle of IT intelligence to target their accounts when they’re most ready to buy.

In this webcast, you’ll learn why IT Spend, Installed Technologies, and Contract IT data (the three components of the Magic Triangle) are crucial to growing your wallet share. We’ll explain how:

  • Deep spend insights drive sales via the targeting of top spending accounts
  • Knowledge of your customers installed technology base can help you better plan, target and compete
  • Sales cycles are shortened and win rates increased with actionable intelligence on customer contracts

Register for this webinar today and learn how to leverage the Magic Triangle of IT intelligence to gain an unfair advantage and increase your win rate!

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