Sales is moving faster than ever before. Defining your sales process can help you and your team be more efficient, measure what’s working, and hit your numbers — even as your company grows. In this one-hour live panel discussion, we’ll take a deep dive into how some of the most successful companies create and refine sales processes that foster rapid growth and empower their teams.

This is a great opportunity to learn proven tactics for building a scalable, flexible sales process that’ll help you unlock more growth this year. We’ll hear from marketing and sales leaders from HGData, Groove, and Vidyard to discuss how to:

1) Prepare for success: You know your ICP, but how can you find the right companies to reach out to, and do it at scale?

2) Launch, measure, and iterate: How do you know what’s working, what needs to change, and improve?

3) Empower your team: How can you incorporate video to add some flair and drive more conversions?

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