If your sales and marketing teams are reaching out to prospective buyers, being relevant is an essential component of gaining interest. Given all the companies competing for a prospect’s attention, if you’re not able to hook your audience with some phrase, comment, or insight that shows you know something about them, chances are your message will be ignored.

If your company offers a B2B technology product or service, one of the most valuable pieces of information you can know about your account is if they are using a technology product that competes with or complements your own offering. Knowing this allows you to prioritize which accounts to pursue, and reach out to your prospects with a message that’s relevant and directly addresses their pain points.

Technographics from HG Insights enable you to get a complete picture of the technology footprint for your key accounts or prospects, so that you can out-market, out-sell, and out-perform your competition.

Download our white paper to learn what makes our technographics unique in the industry, and how you can start putting them to use right away in your outreach.