Account-Based Marketing (ABM) promises to deliver dramatic results yet many people who implement it struggle to achieve the promised outcomes. Why? What’s the dirty secret behind achieving ABM success?

Account selection and consistent outreach are critical to ABM success. You need to have your hunters in high gear to hit those numbers. You need the right insights to laser focus your outreach on the ideal accounts, and a sales engagement platform to systematically hit your prospects at the right time, on the right cadence, with unwavering consistency. If you do this properly you can TRIPLE your revenue. Don’t miss the boat — sign up now and get your ABM efforts running on overdrive.

In this live master class, Darryl Praill and Justin Kitagawa will teach you how to:

  • Identify best-fit accounts for your solution using the right insights
  • Discover new selling opportunities for your products
  • Align sales and marketing with target account lists of your best prospects
  • Use sales engagement to coordinate ABM outreach from SDRs systematically