ABM Scoring and Prioritization

Fuel ABM success with technographic scoring

Bring clarity and focus to your ABM programs by targeting and prioritizing the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in every market you operate in.

Generate more revenue with the right accounts

  • Develop Target Account Lists – Account based sales and marketing initiatives are only as good as the accounts they are targeted towards. Quickly identify which of your prospects have the best fit and highest revenue potential.
  • Identify the Best Fit Solutions – Use technology fit scoring to identify which of your offerings is the best fit with their current tech-stack or has the best up or cross sell opportunity.
  • Turn budget into revenue – The largest and most accurate IT spend intelligence means you can focus on the accounts with the largest budgets, and the greatest potential revenue.
  • Discover new opportunities – Quickly identify the best new accounts to target and empower your account based sales and marketing teams to grow revenue faster.

BetterCloud Uses HG Insights to Find Accounts with 2-3x Higher Opportunity

“HG Insights makes it easy for our sales team to find accounts with the highest revenue potential. Their tech install intelligence is accurate and deep, and has allowed us to identify and prioritize accounts with a 2-3x higher selling opportunity”

Joseph Iantosca, Vice President | Financial Analytics

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