Fuel ABM Success with Advanced Technology Intelligence

Bring clarity and focus to your ABM programs by targeting and prioritizing the accounts that are have the highest propensity to buy and fit your Ideal Customer Profile.
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Target The Right Accounts

Account based sales and marketing initiatives are only as good as the accounts they are targeted towards. Quickly identify which of your prospects have the best fit and highest revenue potential.

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Focus on Revenue Opportunity

Launch ABM campaigns centered around the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and greatest revenue potential for your company. Avoid wasting valuable marketing and sales resources on accounts without adequate budgets or incompatible technology stacks.

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Drive ABM Alignment

Build sales and marketing alignment by developing scoring and targeting based on the technologies a company is currently using and how much they are spending in your area of business. Enable messaging consistency through a shared understanding of why targets were selected and the best approach to engage with them.

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More Predictable Results

Utilizing data-driven targeting and messaging enables companies to achieve more predictable outcomes and a higher return on investment from their ABM campaigns and initiatives.

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Full Funnel Solutions

Our full suite of solutions allows you to integrate technology intelligence at any stage in your customer journey.

HG Insights Platform

The HG Insights platform provides an unprecedented view into global industries, markets, and companies allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities and build strategies to maximize your revenue and accelerate growth.

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HG for Salesforce

Accelerate growth with world-class installed technology intelligence available directly in the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management platform.

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HG for Marketo

HG for Marketo allows you to better target, score, and nurture high value prospects by identifying the technologies they are currently using.

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Insights That Fuel Growth

Use technology intelligence to streamline your key business processes.

Ideal Customer Profiling

Use IT spend and technology purchase behavior to analyze your top customers and better define and refine your ICP.

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Sales Territory Optimization

Ensure that your account executives target the prospects with the highest propensity to buy.

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Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Build more effective campaigns through advanced targeting and specific messaging.

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Fuel Your ABM Success with HG Insights

See how your business can use technology intelligence to drive ABM success
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