See How Terminus and SalesLoft use HG Insights to Find the Right Prospects

Summary HG Insights, SalesLoft and Terminus recently shared the stage at RainMaker 2017 to discuss how technographics from HG Insights help their sales teams be more confident in their customer engagements. With easy access to reliable tech install data, SalesLoft and Terminus SDRs are able to quickly find prospects that match their ideal customer profile

Marketing’s Evolving Accountability and The Future of Content Analytics

Marketing has evolved into a profession significantly more complex and far-reaching than what it was in its early days. Marketers are on the hook for a lot more than they ever were before, and Cintell, the premier persona-based marketing platform, understands this challenge firsthand. We sat down with Apparao Kari, Cintell’s founder and chief executive

8 Team Building Lessons

There may not be a one-size-fits-all playbook to help startups build productive teams. And there’s no one way to transition from being a founding employee in a bootstrap venture to a departmental manager in an early-stage company. But as someone who has gone from working deep in the weeds and doing whatever was needed to

Technically Speaking: An Interview with MeritDirect’s Data + Media Services SVP Chris Blohm

2017 is here and along for the ride is the steadfast proliferation of credible competition across the marketing technology landscape. For nearly two decades global multi-channel marketing leader MeritDirect has thrived as a data-driven, integrated direct marketing partner, elevating their clients’ marketing efforts to “Higher Ground” – a cornerstone of the company’s customer-first approach and