The Rise of AI-assisted Sales Tools

Market conditions are driving increased investment in revenue efficiency software

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The Rise Of AI-Assisted Sales Tools

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As macroeconomic uncertainty continues to rise, businesses that find ways to drive revenue efficiency are better placed to weather the storm.

HG Insights’ Technology Intelligence provides an unparalleled view into the market. Through our comprehensive analysis, it’s clear that Fortune 100 companies have started to invest heavily in AI-assisted sales tools to help streamline processes — and investment continues to grow.

This exclusive market report reveals:

  • Why AI-assisted software is changing how the Fortune 100 market and sell
  • What’s behind the predicted 5% growth in external IT spend over the next 12 months
  • The importance of AI-assisted sales tools during a time of sweeping layoffs
  • Why marketing budgets have climbed to 9.5% of a company’s revenue in 2022, on average

HG Insights gives cloud sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage in finding and acquiring new customers, building advanced scoring models, getting proactive notification of sales cycles, and spotting churn before it happens.

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0 % growth

in external IT spend over
the next 12 months

0 % of revenue

Marketing budgets
have climbed to 9.5% of a company’s revenue in 2022

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A company’s chances of
engaging with a lead drop by 80% if their response time exceeds 30 minutes.

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