What Are Technographics?

Technographic data shows you the hardware and software technologies companies use to run their business. By knowing the technology products installed at your accounts, you can be more precise in your targeting and outreach, leading to faster conversion and close rates.

Top 6 Use Cases for HG Insights Technographics in B2B Marketing

See how our customers are using Technographics to convert and close faster in out latest infographic. This is a great introduction to Technographics and how you can use this data to get much better results from your B2B sales and marketing programs.

How Technographics Help Define and Target Demand in the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall

See how technographics can help you define target demand in the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall in this article published in the MarTech Advisor.

Sales & Marketing Teams Using Salesforce

The HG Insights for Salesforce app enriches customer data with valuable tech install information, allowing you to quickly identify, segment, and target new opportunities with precision and scale, so you can execute more effective campaigns and engage in better conversations.

HG Universe

Our enterprise level technographics provide complete information on an organization’s hardware and software stack so that sales, marketing, and business intelligence teams have the data they need to target the right accounts, close and convert faster, and develop more accurate models, trends, and forecasts.

Online Advertising

With HG Audience segments you can easily create segments to target your audience based on the technology they use or other custom options. You can then send your segments directly into leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).