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Campaigns that speak directly to your ideal customers

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identify & prioritize your best accounts

Grow awareness, engagement, and leads to put customers at your fingertips

Unite your sales and marketing data for unprecedented insights into your digital media spending, marketing ROI and other performance measures.

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target your ads to the right audience

Build Better Campaigns

Targeted advertising can increase click through rates by 670%, according to the American Marketing Association. And if you’re a B2B technology marketer, technology intelligence allows you to target your ads to the right audience so that you can achieve similar results.

fuel competitor displacement campaigns

Improve Response Rates On Digital Marketing Campaigns

Directly target your ads to your competitor’s customers to show them how you can and should displace them with your own offering. Advertise to buyers of products that are interoperable with yours to highlight how you easily integrate and enhance the installed solution.

Prospects with highest propensity to buy
focus on companies with shared interests

Identify Strategic Intent

Focus advertising campaigns on organizations with activity, future plans, and general interest in the projects and operations that benefit the most from your offering or align thematically with your campaigns.

create prioritized audience segments

Prioritize Revenue Potential

Address decision makers at companies that have ideal budgets sized right for your products and services. Utilize over 120 granular IT spend categories to create prioritized audience segments that have the greatest potential for addressable budget for your company.

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