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Ideal Customer Profile

Analyze technology stacks to find prospects with granular precision

identify & prioritize your best accounts

Break down your prospects technology footprint to find your ICP

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a granular measurement of your best prospects. ICP lays the foundation for your Go-To-Market by identifying and prioritizing your best accounts.

Ideal Customer Profile
Better Targeting, Better Conversion Rates with HG Insights
focus on account with greatest revenue potential

Target Prospects Most Likely To Buy

Focus on the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and greatest revenue potential for your company. Avoid wasting valuable marketing and sales resources on accounts without adequate budgets or incompatible technology stacks.

analyze your icp's technology stack

Find The Best Fit

Does your ideal customer have a multi-cloud strategy, ABM program, or use outdated hardware? Dig into deep insights on how a company operates by seeing what technologies they use.

HG Insights Solutions ABM Scoring
optimize ICP messaging

Drive Sales Productivity

Technology intelligence not only helps you prioritize the accounts and leads with the highest propensity to buy, it also provides key insights into the messages and approaches that will yield best results.

achiEve higher roi from campaigns

Accelerate Predictable Results

Utilizing data-driven targeting and messaging enables companies to produce more predictable outcomes and a higher ROI from their campaigns and initiatives.

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Accelerate your customers time to value with the power of data-driven insights

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