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What is Technology Intelligence

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What Is Technology Intelligence?

Data Is Only As Good As The Insights It Gives

Traditional account data points (firmographics) often fail to meet the requirements of today’s strategy, sales, and marketing teams. That’s why 85% of Fortune 100 B2B companies rely on HG Insights’ technology intelligence to accelerate growth.

See Technology Stacks

HG Insights uses advanced data science to uncover specific hardware and software technologies companies use, including those behind the firewall.

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Flexible Solutions

Whether you’re looking to integrate with Salesforce and digital advertising platforms or empower your enterprise analytics teams, HG Insights delivers insights where they matter:

  • Deep dive account intelligence
  • Actionable insights in Salesforce CRM
  • Campaigns powered by technographics
  • Hyper-targeted B2B audience segments
  • Target your LinkedIn ads by installed technologies
  • Feed your enterprise analytics teams

Contract Transparency

The most advanced IT contract renewals intelligence on the market. We track over 42,000 IT software and service contracts to provide insights into what enterprises spend on technology.

IT Spend Intelligence

The world’s largest and most granular collection of account-based IT spending intelligence. HG Insights profiles 450,000 global organizations linked to the D&B corporate structure to forecast IT spend at a global, regional and country level.

Smarter Business Processes

Technology intelligence streamlines your key business processes
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HG has been a strategy thought leader in technology intelligence for over a decade, developing solutions enabling global businesses to out-market, out-sell and outgrow their competition.

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