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HG Salesforce Connector Solutions Brief

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HG Salesforce Connector

HG Insights’ Salesforce Connector solution enables you to review customized technology insights alongside your existing Salesforce account information.

Our latest Solutions Brief reveals how this updated bidirectional Salesforce integration enables effective targeting by connecting selected company data to a Salesforce organization. Adding technology data from companies in your Salesforce database, allows you to see products used and level of spend without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

Find the Best-Fit Buyers Before the Competition

HG runs your list of accounts and leads against our thousands of data points that allow our platform to identify companies with the highest propensity to buy based on various technology products and firmographics. Integrating your Salesforce organization with the HG Insights Platform allows you to:

  • Reach buyers earlier in the process to guide decision-making before a competitor is aware of their prospect’s interest
  • Run targeted campaigns to dynamic audiences driven by insights about which companies will benefit most from your solution
  • Equip and enable sales teams to target companies with the highest propensity to buy

Use Salesforce Connector to get insights into which companies will be the best fit for their product or solution and uncover new business opportunities by importing accounts that use specific products.

Achieve an effective and seamless integration to Salesforce with Data Enrichment and Leading Match Rates

Key Benefits

With the HG Insights Salesforce Connector integration, you’ll be able to see which technology products a prospective customer uses directly in the Salesforce platform, discern whether they’re a fit for your products, and effectively target and win accounts before your competitors can identify the opportunity.

Ease of Use and Quick Onboarding
Salesforce Connector lets you seamlessly sync selected data to your existing Salesforce organization to get up and running in minutes and avoid the hassle of traditional integrations.

HG Data Access Within a Salesforce Organization
Access to an industry-leading, quality dataset that includes broad coverage with access to 15,000+ installed technologies. Companies can share HG data across their teams within their Salesforce organization.

Users are able to select which product categories they’re interested in viewing to help them to better understand their target markets.

Industry-Leading Company Match Logic
Our match rates average 90% to enable efficient uploading of target data to the Salesforce organization.

Production and Sandbox Organizations
Users can connect and manage multiple Sandbox and Production organizations through the HG Platform, allowing them to perform quality assurance on the companies that will be matched with selected data.

Integration Lists for Matched Records
Once matching is complete, users can see which Salesforce accounts were matched to accounts in the HG Platform.

Data Refresh and Enrichment
Data will refresh automatically on a nightly cadence, or you can select if you would not like HG to automatically refresh data. Data is also enriched via updates and database sync.

Quick-Start Support
Access our services that support training to get you started quickly with setup in Salesforce.

Get the HG Salesforce Connector Solution Brief Now!

Our Salesforce Connector integration provides powerful insights on the technology products used by companies, enabling you to make better business decisions and craft a hyper-targeted approach. Whether you are trying to decide which companies will be the best fit for your product or solution, uncover new business opportunities, or simply provide your teams with better data, HG Insights Salesforce Connector will give a boost to your targeting and sales outcomes.

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