Prioritize The Right Accounts In The Right Markets

Strategically Plan Sales Territories with Technology Intelligence

Technology intelligence gives you deep insights into your sales territories,allowing you to identify and prioritize the accounts with the highestpropensity to buy. How Tech Intelligence Creates More Profitable Sales Territories: Provides a more accurate picture of your total addressable market(TAM), allowing you to expand into new territories with confidence Segments your TAM to discover the

Account Scoring with Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence allow growing businesses to identify accounts that are 50% more likely to convert into close/won revenue. This is why sales and marketing teams who use technology intelligence to score their accounts cite tech install data as the most critical component of their success. Top Account Scoring Use Cases That Maximize Sales Competitive Displacement:

Sell to the Right Accounts with Technology Intelligence

In a recent survey by OutboundWorks, only 50% of the sales organizations surveyed felt confident their teams were engaging the most strategic accounts. If you want to make sure your sales team is talking to the right companies, you need technology intelligence. Use Technology Intelligence to Reach the Most Relevant Accounts Find New Opportunities: expand

Make Your Digital Ads Convert with Technology Intelligence

Targeted advertising can increase click through rates by 670%, according to the American Marketing Association. And if you’re a B2B marketer, technology intelligence allows you to target your ads to the right audience so that you can achieve similar results. Use Technology Intelligence to Select the Right Audience for Your Display Ad Campaigns Competitive: target

Expand Your TAM with Technology Intelligence

Most sales and marketing teams underestimate the size of their total available market (TAM). Companies who use technology intelligence to find their TAM, typically find their true revenue opportunity is 3x – 5x larger than their original projections. Technology Intelligence Helps You Pinpoint the Right Revenue Opportunities Identify the Right Accounts: have a technology product

Better ABM with Technology Intelligence

Account selection is the most critical component to ABM success. That’s why 66% of marketers surveyed by Demand Gen Report indicated that they are using or plan to use technology intelligence to select the right accounts for their ABM programs. Technology Intelligence Helps You Target the Right Accounts from The Start ICP Definition: use technology

B2B Targeting for Programmatic Display Success

One of the best ways to drive the value of digital advertising to your clients is to deliver results that are beyond ordinary. But if you’re deploying display advertising and programmatic marketing campaigns based on traditional firmographics and broad-based, generic list pulls, you can’t expect your client’s digital ad campaign to perform like a star.