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HG Insights Contextual Intent data available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace

HG Insights has partnered with Snowflake to expand the availability of Contextual Intent™ data from Snowflake Data Marketplace.

We continue to look for ways to better serve our clients and improve access to the highest quality data in the market. Snowflake Data Marketplace further expands our reach and offers yet another way for our customers to utilize our technology and data platform.

Built on top of Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing technology, Snowflake Data Marketplace delivers an easy-to-use platform for organizations to find, share, and list data content.

Snowflake Data Marketplace eliminates data movement and the need to use FTP or manage APIs. Data consumers gain access to live, ready-to-query data without having to transform it or pay for additional storage, regardless of the quantity or volume of data accessed.

Snowflake users can now access and query Contextual IntentTM Data from HG Insights. The datasets are live and updated on a weekly or monthly cadence, without ongoing data engineering and manual uploading of new files. For data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision makers, this partnership means reliable, consistent access to the data they need, while reducing effort and saving time from their engineering teams.

  • Live data access to HG Insights ContextualIntent™ Data
  • Expand external data sourcing through Snowflake Data Marketplace
  • Reduce Costs for Data Analytics
  • Leverage Personalized Data Services
  • Updates occur automatically on a weekly or monthly basis, based on a subscription model
  • Reliable consistent access to ContextualIntent data, with no additional effort required by engineering teams
  • Broad coverage with a weekly intake of nearly 2 billion intent records, leveraging firmographic data and technology intelligence on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products including millions of companies across 200+ countries.
Benefits of the Partnership
HG Insights UsersSnowflake Data Marketplace Users
Reduce time to insights: get data faster than with traditional methods.Eliminate manual errors and data corruption.
Reduce operational risk with secure access data that is always up to date without transformation.Improve compliance by leveraging a secure marketplace that adds security layers to comply with GDPR, CCPA.
Eliminate data transformation reducing the time, effort, and cost associated with data analytics.Improve operational efficiency with access to ready-to-query data gives you the ability to streamline data analytics operations and get value from the data faster.
Faster decision making by providing you with the latest, most up-to-date contextual intentTM data at your disposal, without manual intervention.Request your own personalized data feed containing only the slice of data you need.

To learn more about the HG Insights Contextual Intent™ data and availability in Snowflake Data Marketplace, click here.

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