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Small Business Data Set Fact Sheet

Small Business Data Set

Customers selling into small business markets can now leverage HG’s Small Business Data Set to uncover more business opportunities.

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With HG Market Intelligence, customers get a comprehensive view of market opportunities that can be used by strategy, product, marketing, and sales organizations for greater alignment, increased efficiency, and improved ROI.

HG Market Intelligence

HG Market Intelligence is a solution that takes the guesswork out of market planning and execution. With Market Intelligence, HG customers get a comprehensive view

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HG Cloud Dynamics Sales Sheet -Featured-Image.png

HG Cloud Dynamics

Download the Solution Brief. HG Cloud Dynamics is designed to give you a comprehensive look at how a company is consuming and spending on the cloud.

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HG Salesforce Connector Solutions Brief

HG Salesforce Connector

Our latest Solutions Brief reveals how this updated bidirectional Salesforce integration enables effective targeting by connecting selected company data to a Salesforce organization. Adding technology data from companies in your Salesforce database, allows you to see products used and level of spend without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

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