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The Google Cloud Platform Ecosystem in 2024

Google Cloud reached $33.1 billion in revenue in 2023, gaining ground in the “Cloud Wars” with Amazon and Microsoft. Discover insights into the types of businesses deploying GCP, the rate of adoption, how much businesses are spending, and more in our latest report.

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The Microsoft Azure Ecosystem in 2024

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is locked in a heated competition with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to capture market share. HG Insights collects data on nearly 350,000 businesses using Azure cloud computing solutions. In 2023, Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud revenue grew to $96.2 billion — a 17.7% year-over-year increase from 2022. We wanted to provide an overview and share some insights into how this revenue is generated. 

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Software Spend Report: SMB and Mid-Market Trends in 2024

HG Insights has identified 2.5 million SMB and Mid-Market businesses buying software, fueling $780.5 billion in revenue in 2024. Discover insights into the SMB software market size, spend across key industries, and the top vendors and products. Read our latest market report today.

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Gen AI 1000

The AI 1000 is the definitive list of AI-ready companies helping you understand a business’ AI maturity, cloud-centricity, and AI interest so you can capitalize on the wave of innovation in Artificial Intelligence.

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HG Wrapped 2023TM

2023 has been a banner year for us at HG. As it comes to a close, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on the year. With so many new HG Insights products and projects it can be hard to keep track! So, we created this to help you continue to get the most out of your ongoing partnership with us! 

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HG Partner Intelligence

HG Insights Partner IntelligenceTM enables users to optimize their partner network with only the most qualified partners. With Partner Intelligence, users can build stronger partnerships by:
  • Profiling existing partners against strategic goals
  • Discovering new recruitment opportunities to expand partnerships
  • Activating existing partners with qualified opportunities
With these key insights, users can focus their resources and drive partnerships on accounts aligned with their goals.
Go-To-Market With Precision And Confidence
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Go-To-Market With Precision And Confidence

Data-driven insights to fuel actionable, and highly effective, execution strategies for Go-To-Market motions

Where are the greatest opportunities for growth?

How do we protect and grow our market share?

Where should I allocate my resources and plan sales territories?

Where are the greatest opportunities for growth?

How do we protect and grow our market share?

Where should I allocate my resources and plan sales territories?

How can we increase pipeline velocity and conversion rates?

What would make our teams more effective?

How can we shorten our sales cycle and improve conversion ratios?

What technologies does a prospect have installed?

Which accounts have the highest propensity to buy?

When, and how, should I engage prospects or existing accounts?

Turn Insights into Revenue

Empower Your Strategy, Product, Marketing, and Sales Teams With Industry-leading Insights


Understand Your Market's Shape, Size, and Share


Size Your Niche


Identify and Target
Your Ideal Accounts


Prioritize Your Efforts

Our insights provide simple
answers to complex questions

Make Technology Insights Your Strategic Advantage

HG enables B2B technology-focused companies to perfect their Go-To-Market through self-served, fact-based, and unique technology insights essential for accelerating growth

HG Insights is Your Strategic Advantage
Insights you can act on

Unlock your target market with data-driven insights

HG’s data-driven insights fuel actionable, highly-effective, execution strategies for Go-To-Market motions based on data and detected signals from:

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Empower Your Strategy, Product, Marketing, And Sales Teams

Make Technology Insights Your Strategic Advantage

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HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

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