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Podcast: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Growth by Acquisition

Growth by Acquisition

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Growth by Acquisition

HG Insights’ CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky, is featured on the latest episode of The M&A Podcast, filled with tips, advice, and tales of the good, the bad, and the ugly sides to the merger, acquisition, and growth process.

In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the importance of paying attention to other companies, the role that data can play in an acquisition, of having a solid growth strategy, and more firsthand experience from a target and an orchestrator of acquisitions. Also contributing to the show is Taylor Viens, Marketing and Digital Communications Manager, HG Insights.. 

Topics Covered include: 
  • What impact does technology have on the decision to ‘buy vs. build’? [3:40]
  • What causes an acquisition to fail? [5:35]
  • How does a corporate development team fit into an acquisition strategy? [10:30]
  • What is the role of functional leaders in choosing targets for acquisition? [13:30]
  • What is the vision behind the overall strategy for acquiring businesses? [17:57]
  • How common is it for a public company to request shareholder approval? [23:47]
  • Who and what are the backgrounds of those sitting on an acquisition committee? [24:10]
  • How does the acquisition decision-making process work at the board level? [26:58]
  • What are the main considerations for a company looking at making a potential acquisition? [30:31]
  • What role does data play in acquisitions? [35:26]
  • What are some examples of insights that can be gained from gathered data? [45:30]
  • What is the most challenging part of an acquisition? [51:24]


Click here for more information about CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky and to connect with her via social media.

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