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HG Insights Publishes the AI 1000, Providing Insights into Individual Companies’ AI Maturity

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HG Insights Publishes the First Annual AI 1000TM, Providing Insights into Individual Companies’ AI Maturity The top companies driving AI adoption in the industry

HG Insights, the provider of go-to-market Technology Intelligence to 75% of tech companies in the Fortune 100, today announced the release of the first annual HG Insights AI 1000 — a ranking to guide business innovators with a holistic picture of the generative AI landscape and uncover opportunities in their markets.

HG Insights has been investing in solutions to help customers find success for thirteen years. As AI continues to evolve and revolutionize technology as we know it, HG is already providing customers with the insights they need to capitalize on the rapid growth in the generative AI market. The publishing of the AI 1000 is the next step that the industry-leading Technology Intelligence provider has taken toward moving the market forward.

“Investment in generative AI is moving quickly, with global technology vendors pouring hundreds of millions of dollars and massive computing power into the marketplace,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO, HG Insights. “The first annual AI 1000 list will unlock selling and buying opportunities for all companies in this fast-changing landscape.”

Identify Businesses Ready To Take The Next Step With AI

The age of AI is now. AI technologies are seeing massive investment across industries — from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, media, electronics, energy, and more. Generative AI, the fastest-growing segment of AI tools, is a great example of this explosive growth: 60% of organizations using AI are using generative AI solutions and 40% plan to invest more in AI overall thanks to generative AI.(1)

Distilled from billions of unstructured digital documents — the same that produce the world’s most sophisticated technology installation information, IT spend, contract intelligence, and intent data — the HG Insights AI 1000 provides insights into individual company’s AI readiness, adoption rates, intent to buy, industry and sub-industry, and revenue range. The data is comprised of:

  • 466 distinct locations
  • 48 distinct countries
  • 548 AI technologies available for profiling
A preview of the HG Insights AI 1000.

By uncovering what AI-related technologies a company is currently researching and evaluating, the AI 1000 list unlocks a breadth of opportunities for vendors who wish to leverage AI to gain a more significant share of their markets.

Rankings on the AI 1000 are based on HG’s patent-pending AI Maturity Index, which includes insights from a specific company’s AI product adoption, the locations where adoption is detected, the strength of these detections, and the application of an Ideal Customer Profile of data-related product detections. This list is crucial for leaders to help identify companies whose technology stack indicates they’re ready to take the leap and capitalize on the wave of innovation in AI.

Rankings on the AI 1000 are also based on the new patent-pending, machine-learning algorithms based on HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence. We detect the footprint of departments and roles within a specific company (such as data science, data engineering, and data analysts) and chart how they change over time—on the individual, department, and organization levels. We can then determine which data science-related technologies are in use, where, and on what infrastructure.

HG’s Continued Investment in AI

AI has been making headlines lately, but at HG Insights AI has been the star for over a decade. The company has been leveraging AI for the past 13 years and has five pending patents. Building on this long history, today HG is exploring novel applications of AI as it continues to evolve and revolutionize technology as we know it.

“Generative AI will be the differentiator between competing companies and ultimately deliver a competitive advantage. The AI 1000 contributes to business value by illustrating new opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, better manage risk, and enhance productivity,” said Rob Fox, CTO, HG Insights.

HG has published the AI 1000 on the heels of the launch of the GenAI Navigator, a solution that helps customers understand a business’ AI maturity, cloud-centricity, and generative AI interest. A preview of the top 100 companies is already available online here, where the full list of 1000 — available for free — can also be found here.

The HG Insights AI 1000 is available now. Learn more here.

And the GenAI Navigator from HG Insights is available now. Learn more here.

(1) McKinsey & Company

About HG Insights

HG Insights, the provider of data-driven insights to 75% of tech companies in the Fortune 100, is your go-to-market Technology Intelligence partner.

We use advanced insights into Technology Intelligence — on IT spend, technographics, cloud usage, intent signals, Functional Area Intelligence, contract details, and AI maturity — to provide global B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day with insights into product adoption, usage, spend data, and more to build high-resolution maps of activity across an organization’s entire digital infrastructure to power business decisions with precision and confidence.


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