Fleetmaster Express selects Vonage Business Cloud solution

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Fleetmaster Express has chosen the Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) unified communications and collaboration solution to provide the productivity and collaboration tools necessary to create seamless workflows and enhance its employee experience.

Fleetmaster Express is a national transportation and logistics company with more than 1,600 vehicles and 11 locations across the United States. Fleetmaster Express chose Vonage to truly unify its business communications, which were previously provided by multiple vendors.

Business Cloud unified communications offering

With such a broad reach, both in terms of employees as well as locations, Fleetmaster required scalability and flexibility in their communications system in order to keep up with rapid business changes. Using the Vonage Business Cloud unified communications offering, Vonage is able to provide Fleetmaster with voice, messaging, SMS, team collaboration, analytics and video, all fully integrated into a single interface on one platform.

Vonage Business Cloud is a forward-looking, versatile communications solution that has the ability to grow and scale as Fleetmaster Express expands their business, with a focus on driving a great employee and customer experience through innovative communications.

“A true one-stop shop”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Vonage to provide seamless, scalable, collaborative communications to our employees throughout the country,” said Ray LaPrade, IT Manager, Fleetmaster Express. “We needed a cloud communications provider that could provide reliable service, scalable communication solutions and efficient analytics, all while upgrading our technology and increasing our ROI. Vonage was the clear choice – a true one-stop shop for all of our needs.”

“Communications are essential in our business to provide the best service to our customers, drivers and team members,” added Travis Smith, COO, Fleetmaster Express. “We’re in a 24/7 industry where growth and changes occur very rapidly, and we need scalable communications solutions that don’t sacrifice reliability. With Vonage’s flexibility, we now have unified communications that are an asset to our business.”

Video collaboration features

Additionally, through video collaboration features enabled by Vonage Business Cloud, Fleetmaster Express has been able to create a culture of face-to-face interaction, improving the quality of connection and enhancing relationships across the organization. “At Vonage we believe that great experiences are enabled by great communications. Our fully-integrated cloud communications platform allows us to create solutions that help businesses improve the communications experience for customers and employees,” said Reggie Scales, Senior Vice President, Applications Group for Vonage. “We’re excited to work with Fleetmaster Express and provide the innovative tools they need to streamline their communications and collaboration to fuel great conversations.”