Vertex provides integration standards for ISV partners

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Vertex has announced the launch of its Validated by Vertex program, a collaborative process with its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners who build integrations to its solutions.

As part of the program, Vertex provides integration design and security standards for ISV partners and conducts rigorous review and testing processes. Vertex validated integrations support the most complex use cases to provide consistent, accurate taxation across the entire tax lifecycle.

Confidence in partner-built integrations

In addition, the Validated by Vertex program provides continual collaboration with Vertex technical experts to ensure integrations keep pace with the latest software releases, giving customers the confidence that partner-built integrations meet Vertex industry-leading standards. Vertex provides best practices for partners to ensure a high quality and seamless customer experience for on-premise, hosted and cloud environments.

As part of this program, Vertex has formally validated an integration to its tax engine built by Recurly for its enterprise-class subscription management platform. The certification attests to the integrity of the connector and empowers Recurly to confidently meet customer’s tax needs. Vertex supported the Recurly design team through the development with bi-weekly process assessments. The software experts reviewed the code for Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards. Additionally, they analyzed the User Interface (UI) design and connector features, such as exception certificate management, to meet customers’ expectations.

“Compliance is strategically important”

“Recognizing that compliance is strategically important to their clients, Vertex partners, such as Recurly, are leveraging the Validated by Vertex program to accelerate the integration of our tax engine,” said Tony Hutnyk, senior product manager, integrations at Vertex. “We have long-standing relationships with market-leading software and services providers that businesses across the world rely on. The program was established to help partners deliver comprehensive and verified solutions that meet customers’ needs.”

“Most up-to-date tax content”

“In today’s evolving digital economy, modern subscription management requires a platform that integrates with other key business applications,” said Jonas Flodh, senior vice president of product at Recurly. “To allow businesses to seamlessly connect billing to automated tax software, we chose to develop our own Vertex connector. The validation ensures our customers are receiving the most up-to-date tax content to manage compliance.”

While Vertex has previously validated integrations built by other partners, Recurly is the first to be officially validated.