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2024 ERP Market Share: Mapping Spending, Vendors & Regions

2024 ERP Market Share: Mapping Spending, Vendors & Regions

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In our recent market report, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, a critical component of digital transformation in businesses, took center stage. This technology category is experiencing a major growth spurt, with the total ERP market size projected to hit a staggering $183 billion this year. This surge is a testament to the important role ERP systems play in enhancing the efficiency and integration of business processes across organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.

ERP solutions have consistently evolved, transitioning from simple inventory management systems to the backbone of enterprise-wide digital transformation. Now, ERP cloud computing services are revolutionizing how businesses manage everything from inventory levels to financial reports, making it easier to track inventory, manage purchase orders, and ensure business operations run smoothly. The increasing adoption of ERP systems signifies the shift towards more flexible and scalable software solutions.

With the ERP market proving to be increasingly impactful, HG decided it was time for an in-depth report. Here, we give a taste of the report by offering a few highlights. Happy reading.

ERP Market Size: Breaking Down the ERP Systems Market 

erp market size

The ERP market in 2024 is experiencing a significant growth spurt. According to HG data, the ERP market size is projected to reach $183 billion over the next year. With North America leading the spending at $78.7 billion, followed by Asia-Pacific at $59.9 billion — a region witnessing rapid market growth due to its expanding startup ecosystem, manufacturing sector, and the need for robust order management systems . The global distribution of ERP investments highlights its significance across different economic landscapes and business models.

erp systems market

In dissecting the ERP systems market, two segments stand out for their substantial share of the ERP market: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Financial Applications. These categories, which command $40.5 billion and $38.5 billion in spending, respectively, are pivotal in enhancing user experiences and increasing efficiency across business functions.

CRM: The Cornerstone of Customer Retention for ERP Systems

CRM systems claim a significant portion of the ERP market, with $40.5 billion projected spend in this category. This figure underscores the crucial role of CRM in improving customer interactions and satisfaction — key elements for maintaining a competitive advantage in business.

erp systems

Out of CRM vendors, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics lead with the largest customer bases. These platforms streamline customer engagement processes and provide valuable insights, highlighting the transformative effect of CRM within the broader ERP ecosystem, especially in optimizing sales channels and managing finished goods.

Spotlighting Top Financial Management Vendors in the ERP Market 

Within the ERP landscape, the Financial Management sector is attracting $38.5 billion in investment, or 21% of ERP market share. This category is essential for generating accurate financial reports, managing raw materials, and supporting various accounting software needs.

erp market

Leading ERP software vendors like SAP SE and Intuit Inc., alongside Sage Group PLC, Oracle Corporation, and Bloomberg LP, are evolving financial management from basic record-keeping to tools that support informed decision-making and drive growth. SAP, with its broad customer base across SE and Concur products, and Intuit, noted for its precision in financial solutions, dominate this sector, providing industry-specific solutions that cater to both small businesses and large enterprises.

Upgrading Human Resources Through ERP Systems

erp market research

ERP systems are changing HR by automating essential tasks and enhancing talent management, responding to the need for solutions that boost employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. Key players in the Human Capital Management (HCM) category include Indeed and SAP SE serving over 85,000 and 69,000 clients respectively, through efficient data management and strategic workforce development. Note: customer count data is not indicative of revenue, and many of these vendors – like Workday – are some of the fastest-growing and most successful businesses in 2023.

Exploring the Landscape of ERP Vendors and Market Dynamics

The competitive landscape of ERP system vendors is as dynamic as the technology itself. With Microsoft Corporation playing a significant role alongside other major market players, the ERP platform and ERP application market is set to expand further. The forecast period looks promising for the ERP software vendors, with a focus on supply chain management, industry verticals, and advanced software solutions.

Market research indicates a continuous increase in ERP system adoption across various industry verticals, driven by the need for comprehensive software solutions that can handle complex business processes. As companies seek to optimize their operations, the demand for integrated ERP platforms that offer robust supply chain management capabilities and sector-specific functionalities is growing.

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