Podcast: Using Historical Data For Better Marketing

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Using Historical Data For Better Marketing - Ed Locher

Using Historical Data For Better Marketing

HG Insights’ EVP, Marketing Ed Locher was recently featured on The Corporate Data Show, a podcast dedicated to helping business executives manage their marketing data needs and designed to help you think about managing your corporate data needs at the highest level.  

The Corporate Data Show features interviews with thought leaders in the data business, discussing topics like: sales intelligence, data as a service, business intelligence, B2B data, identity data services, data trends, revenue opportunities, client success, data accuracy, analytics, and more.

In this episode of the podcast, Ed discusses:

  • Why you have to make bad data in order to get good data
  • How to use historical data to make your marketing better
  • How to use historical data in marketing campaigns to understand what worked and what didn’t
  • How to track and maintain the quality of historical data and current records

Click here for more information about Ed Locher and to connect with him via social media.

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