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Podcast: Technology Intelligence Data-Driven Decision-Making

technology intelligence data-driven decision-making

Technology Intelligence Data-Driven Decision-Making

In this episode of the MarTech Podcast, Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights, reveals how Technology Intelligence enables businesses to gain insights into market trends, competition, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices and solve complex problems.

The fastest-growing global businesses are increasingly turning to Technology Intelligence to plan their GTM strategy, allocate resources, and maximize revenue by cross-referencing insights on technology install data, IT spend, cloud consumption, contract, functional area intelligence, and intent signals. All these data points come together to deliver true Technology Intelligence, the most accurate, and actionable insights available in today’s market. And with these insights, companies can make the best business decisions.

Talking Points: 
  • Why technographic data is not enough
    Technographic data is narrowly defined as the technology installations at a company. However, technographics is not enough for companies to Go-To-Market with precision and confidence. Leading businesses need comprehensive insights that include contracts, IT spend information, near real-time signal data from the internet, historical data, and technology installation data (technographics).

  • Applications of Technology Intelligence
    Applications include corporate development, strategy, campaign execution, and competitive takeouts. Product management and other teams have also embraced Technology Intelligence for problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Leveraging IT spend information for strategic decision making
    Large corporations can utilize an IT spend report for market planning and budget allocation in the upcoming year. Additionally, that report can be leveraged to make strategic decisions for companies in terms of identifying growth and opportunities within market segments.

  • Leveraging HG Insights granular data for strategic decision making
    HG Insights’ data set enables regional and global technology landscape analysis and the comparison of cloud vendor market share and trends. Furthermore, the granularity of the intelligence is useful for large companies making major decisions like funding growth in a region.

  • How marketers are using Technology Intelligence
    Marketers are using Technology Intelligence primarily for competitive campaigns — to enable marketers to identify trends, target companies with a higher likelihood of switching from their current technology and find whitespace opportunities in other companies.

  • Contextualizing intent data with Technology Intelligence for effective marketing
    HG Insights intent data is sourced from bitstream data, making it a long-term viable intent signal. By overlaying this intent data with their Technology Intelligence, they can differentiate between buying signals, enabling marketers to focus on genuine buying opportunities.


Click here for more information about CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky and to connect with her via social media.

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