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Ideal Customer Profile

Get a deeper understanding of your ICP with cloud spend and tech adoption insight.

Total Addressable Market Planning

Apply your ICP to our database and forecast your TAM with actual spend data.

Account Enrichment

Add the necessary insights to your marketing, sales, and data science tools.

Territory & Account Assignment

Account assignment is easy when you know the spend potential within territories.

What Our Customers Say About Our Platform

“I love intricately. They have fundamentally changed our business.”

– Ryan McCurdy, VP of Demand Generation, Lacework

“Intricately has been transformational for our organization”

– Trevor Tileston, Director of Strategy & Analytics, Microsoft

About Intricately:
HG Cloud Dynamics monitors the adoption, usage, and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the usage of more than seven million companies worldwide. Using its proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in more than 150 points of presence (PoPs), Intricately has a comprehensive view into how organizations deploy, utilize, and invest in their digital products, applications, and infrastructure.

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