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IT Spend Report: 
The Ultimate B2B Market Forecast for 2023

Over 1.5 million businesses will spend $3.7 trillion on IT software, services, communications, and hardware in 2023.

IT Spend: An Invaluable Segment of Technology Intelligence to Drive Data-Driven Decisions

Insights into IT spend segments are useful at every level of a corporation, from the boardroom to BDRs.

With this invaluable segment of Technology Intelligence, leaders can chart corporate development and strategic positioning, accurately size markets informed by granular data on IT spend, uncover an analysis of market penetration to find threats, trends, and opportunities, identify whitespace, plan product roadmaps, and more. HG has released this report to help you make data-driven decisions with global technology install and IT spend data.

We’re excited for you to draw your own conclusions from this report and would be happy to dive deeper to show you the power of HG Insights solutions to help accelerate your strategic, product, marketing, and sales results. At the time of publication HG was named a Leader in both Sales Intelligence and Marketing Account Intelligence by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Achieving Leader status in two G2 categories is a result of HG’s strategic focus on new product innovations, market expansion, and ecosystem growth — and it represents the trust customers place in HG’s data-driven Technology Intelligence.

Elizabeth Cholawsky
CEO, HG Insights®

What's inside

  • The Ultimate B2B Market Forecast for 2023
  • Chapter 1
    Global Forecast For IT Spend 2023
  • Chapter 2
    IT Spend Overview In 2023
  • Chapter 3
    IT Software Spend Forecast In 2023
  • Chapter 4
    IT Services Spend Forecast In 2023
  • Chapter 5
    IT Hardware Spend Forecast In 2023
  • Chapter 6
    IT Communications Spend Forecast In 2023