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Account Penetration

Account Penetration

Account Penetration is the process of the sales team first owning the account, then developing a meaningful relationship with the account, and finally directing the journey of the account through the sales funnel. Account Penetration takes serious time and commitment, and as a result sales and marketing teams have to be 100% aligned with all windows of communication wide open for Account Penetration strategies to be successful.

What do we mean by this?

The slow and laborious process of sculpting a masterpiece.

Account Penetration Strategies

Account penetration strategies are the methods, techniques, and tools used by sales and marketing experts to turn target profiles into qualified leads.

Different facets of sales and marketing efforts that make account penetration strategies include:

  • Ideal customer profile analysis
  • Ideal customer profile journey
  • Account-based email marketing efforts, which include contacting multiple stakeholders
  • Account-based retargeting and display advertising
  • Leveraging ABM tools to understand common search terms, and leveraging those in PPC strategies
  • Creating SEO content based around common search terms
  • Building content for the various stages of the buyer’s journey of your ICP.

The Key to Successful Account Penetration
Account penetration can be challenging, especially from an ABM perspective. As you start working towards penetrating key contacts integrated accounts, you’ll want to constantly apply pressure. This means running a multi-channel marketing campaign that leverages, 1-to-1 sales outreach emails, marketing nurture, targeted display ads across social and web channels, direct marketing, gifting, and more.

Account Penetration

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