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Cloud Productivity Partner

Cloud Productivity Partner

A cloud productivity partner is a business or service that allows your cloud-based business to thrive and grow without having to use several different services to get the job done.

What do we mean by this?
Someone who helps you identify shapes in the clouds.

What is a Cloud Productivity Partner?

Cloud-based products are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. We no longer have to worry about losing files and keeping track of things on computers as we have in the past, and that’s where you come in. A cloud productivity partner is a business or service that allows your cloud-based business to thrive and grow without having to use several different services to get the job done. They provide things such as security services and device management and partner with you to help you succeed.

Types of Cloud Productivity Partners

There’s a variety of cloud partners available with different services depending on the size of business your organization is marketing towards. Some of the most popular ones include Microsoft, AWS (aka Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud. These big businesses already have the infrastructure to handle cloud services and can help expand your business all in one place.

What to Look For When Choosing Cloud Productivity Partners

When you partner with someone, they should want to see you succeed. You’re entering a mutual agreement after all. So what should you look for when you’re shopping for cloud productivity partners?

  • Mobility. You’ll be empowering your employees to have the ability to work and store files anywhere without having to worry about their computers losing files. Everything will be in the same place as it was as long as they have a login. This will likely include tools as well, such as scheduling and emails. Shop around to see who’s offering the appropriate amount of space for your setup.
  • Cloud Agnostic. In the same breath, the cloud partner you go with should have scaling that meets your needs. You should be able to move your tools and applications that have compatibility with any cloud to different cloud environments without any major problems. This is important as your organization grows and changes.
  • Productivity. Are they setting your team up for success with the tools provided? Having cloud applications that focus on productivity like scheduling and file-sharing should be easy to use and make deployments easier for your team. If the programs are overly complicated or too bare-bones they might not be right for your business. 
  • Performance-driven. Cloud partners can push you to achieve more by earning competencies through selling and deploying your cloud solutions. This is a great way to show consumers you know what you’re talking about. This can also put you at a higher priority for benefits like incentives, software, and unlimited cloud-based technical support.

How HG Insights Can Help You Choose a Cloud Productivity Partner

HG Insights has in-depth cloud hosting market analysis that can show you what’s trending. You’ll have access to insights on over 7 million companies that use cloud products and technographic data that shows you which cloud vendors are growing the fastest. With these data insights, you can choose a provider that fits best with the industry you’re in, or potentially fill a need based on what people are looking for.

HG Insights is Your Own Cloud Productivity Partner

The HG Insights app can speed up the productivity of your sales and marketing teams with valuable and actionable data insights. If you’re looking for data enrichment for cloud product adoption, usage, and spend, Intricately has unparalleled insights that can help you make conscious business decisions to drive your revenue to the next level. You’ll have access to a variety of tools that allow you to make target account lists, focus on companies based on competitor usage, and find new accounts in your territory. If you’re interested in learning more about what HG Insights can do to increase your growth, go to hginsights.com today to get a personalized demo.

Cloud Productivity Partner

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