Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

“Also known as GCP is Google’s public cloud offering that is comparable to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. While GCP is a new entrant to the public cloud market, and don’t offer as many infrastructure options as AWS or Azure, Google’s differentiating factor is the ability to offer AI, machine learning and big data offerings as a service. Instead of having development teams build their own AI tools, Google offers simple API’s for developers to implement, and they take care of all of the processing and grunt work necessary to deliver results. Google continues to invest heavily in their public cloud platform by making acquisitions and hiring industry leaders to keep pace with AWS and Azure. GCP is also best known for their managed Kubernetes service. As containerization of applications boom, being able to manage all of the containers is an operational problem for many companies, and Google’s Kubernetes service handles all of the management for you.”

What do we mean by this?

Google’s cloud.

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