HG Focus

The quickest way to see the technologies companies are using

Technographic insights are just a click away

Sales and demand generation teams can quickly glimpse into what technologies a company has installed and how recently we have verified their use. These invaluable insights can be used to qualify leads, create precise and meaningful messaging, tailor conversations to fit both the needs of you and the prospect, shorten the sales cycle and increase ROI.

Get started in minutes

After registering, choose three technology vendors you are most interested in tracking and browse the web as normal. When visiting a company’s website, click the HG Focus extension icon to see what products are currently installed. HG Focus can also be used to look up any company on the fly.

Insights wherever you go

  • Engage with confidence: Sales teams can search and sort through a companies tech stack to gain a better understanding of what existing solutions are in place to plan the perfect pitch.  
  • Access anywhere: HG Focus works in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, or directly on a website enabling you to view a company’s technology stack where and when you want to.
  • Free and easy to use: HG Focus is free to get started with. Download today and begin identifying technographic insights now. 

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