Actionable Market Intelligence for Every Phase of Your Go-to-Market

Understand your markets, make better business decisions and go-to-market (GTM) with confidence using bottom-up market intelligence based on verified tech installs and granular IT Spend data.
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Give Your Strategy Teams a Complete Picture of Their Markets

Understand the size, shape and structure of your markets to identify your best opportunities.

  • Size markets by IT spend, tech installs, firmographics and other customizable criteria
  • Analyze vendor penetration and share to find threats, trends and opportunities
  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Identify untapped market potential with whitespace analysis

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Show Product Teams What Initiatives to Prioritize

Use deep insights on market trends and your competitors to confirm the need for your product and determine the size of your GTM opportunity.

  • Identify market need by solution, industry, region and other customizable criteria
  • Analyze competitor strengths/weaknesses
  • Evaluate trends across different solutions, markets and industries

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Keep Your Sales Teams Focused on the Best Opportunities

Increase the overall efficiency of your revenue pipeline, from prospect to closed won, with actionable intelligence.

  • Create more profitable and equitable sales territories
  • Score and prioritize accounts with the highest propensity to buy your specific solution
  • Analyze competitors to identify displacement opportunities
  • Avoid wasting resources on accounts without adequate budgets or incompatible technology stacks

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Provide Marketing Teams with the Intelligence They Need to Increase Conversions

Know the exact companies that comprise your customizable market views, and what they buy and spend on the IT products that are most important to you.

  • Identify companies that match your ICP
  • Improve account-based programs by enabling more precise segmentation
  • Target the right accounts with relevant messages for better engagement and increased campaign conversions

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Flexible Solutions

Make Technology Intelligence Your Strategic Advantage

HG Insights Platform

The most advanced technology intelligence platform.

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HG for Salesforce

Deep technology intelligence directly in Salesforce CRM.

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HG for Marketo

Segment and score leads based on installed technologies.

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