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Podcast: Bringing Perspective And Conviction To Data

Bringing Perspective And Conviction To Data
Bringing Perspective And Conviction To Data

In our universe, there are 200 billion trillion stars. That number is unfathomable to the human brain. The 200 part is something for the mind to try to hold onto, but a billion trillion… no way… we can’t do it. For atoms in the observable universe, the number is somewhere in the range of ten quadrillion vigintillion to one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atoms. That’s inconceivable (not to mention super hard to say).

There’s a lot of information in our own universe; let alone other universes. We can call all of this data, and at this point, we’re all aware of the potential value of data. But data without perspective is totally useless. HG Insights has always been keenly aware of this truth. Realizing the value of HG Insights’ in offering a unique perspective on troves of data, Elizabeth Cholawsky joined the company and fearlessly took it on a different path.

But what made Elizabeth stick to her guns and how did she hone her convictions to transition the company toward providing technical intelligence and solutions for the big brain problems? Find out on this episode of Business X factors.

Click here for more information about Elizabeth Cholawsky and to connect with her via social media.

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