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Podcast: Scaling Back to Scale Up

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Scaling Back to Scale Up

Scaling Back to Scale Up

HG Insights CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky was recently featured on the Impact Multiplier podcast, on which “interesting and inspiring CEOs reflect on what got them the top job, what they’ve learned in the role, and what lies ahead.”

This episode touches on the themes of processes vs. politics, acquiring a company vs. getting acquired, and how to focus on growing the verticals that are most important to you. The Impact Multiplier podcast is hosted by Xquadrant’s Founder Richard Medcalf, a leadership strategist to top tech CEOs.

In this conversation, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 lever for taking politics out of a company
  • Nurturing customers to show them how they can maximize ROI and educating them on how to best leverage your product across channels
  • The counter-intuitive “scaling back” strategy that led Elizabeth to cancel 75% of their channel partners in her first year of leading HG Insights
  • The strategic moves that led to a 4X revenue increase in just a couple of years


Click here for more information about CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky and to connect with her via social media.

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