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Podcast: How To Do 6 And 7-Figure Deals Over The Phone

Podcast: How To Do 6 And 7-Figure Deals Over The Phone
How To Do 6 And 7-Figure Deals Over The Phone

HG Insights’ EVP of Global Sales, Scott Smyth, is featured on the latest episode of The Sales Evangelist Podcast, dedicated to helping sellers learn new sales strategies, simplify selling, and eliminate confusion.

In this episode of the podcast, Scott discusses:

Using a multi-thread approach

  • Using data and being methodical going to market.
  • 1% better each day is working smart.
  • Doing less than 6 and 7-figure deals tend to be more transactional rather than emotional.
  • Make the buyer the champion internally.
  • Clients crave being smarter.

Strategy to get these big deals

  • Getting the key people involved who can commit budget. This is usually 3-5 individuals—cross-functional Value: Solving a variety of business problems.
  • Creating the momentum or “ground swell” within the organization of your prospect.
  • Work behind the scenes.
  • Create Partnership Plan: Alignment with the prospect (pain points, desired solutions, collateral needs, etc.)

Proof it works

  • With this process Scott’s team has gone from 2% conversion ratios in outbound activities to 20%.
  • Approach the sales process like a game.
  • Don’t overthink each call.
  • Review what you did well and what could be improved each week.
  • What can you do each week to improve by 1%?

“Don’t overthink it, have a process and look at it objectively at the end of the week.” – Scott Smyth


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