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functional area intelligence product brief

We deliver functional area intelligence with actionable insights to support hypertargeting within organizations

HG Functional Area Intelligence™ is a solution that predicts where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific level within an organization. This solution provides customers with detailed, data-driven intelligence to support sales and marketing teams on their quest for greater efficiency.

HG Insights mines technology signals associated with companies from billions of unstructured and semistructured documents. Built with patent-pending technology1, the solution includes machine learning models that predict functional area as well as the decision-makers associated with the documents for which the technology signals have been mined. If the confidence meets a customizable threshold, the signals are aggregated and delivered to our customers for immediate activation.

Insights about a company’s organization are linked to their technographic profile

HG’s Functional Area Intelligence, bundled with the HG Universe product, combines insights from the customer’s technographic, firmographic, and intent data.

This solution provides actionable insights into a company’s organization structure so you can create a hypertargeted approach to effectively support sales and marketing initiatives. Our customers use HG’s Functional Area Intelligence as part of their strategic initiatives to shorten the buying cycles and improve conversion rates.



Access To Best-in-Class, Quality Data

HG’s data combines technographic and intent data with functional area intelligence to provide powerful insights at a company level.

Insights Down to the Location

HG is the first data provider to mine organizational insights down to a location, providing valuable intelligence of where to target campaigns within an organization.

Predictive Analytics at a Departmental View

Predictions down to the department that’s using a specific technology to improve sales activities, including territory optimization.

Trending Analysis

HG Functional Area Intelligence provides insights to show department adoption changes over time in order to pinpoint targeting on a more exacting level.



Functional Area Views

HG Insights’ patent-pending technology1 provides functional area views through an association with mined technology signals. Based on these detected technology signals a trend analysis can show department adoption changes over time. This provides insights that further support sales and marketing teams ability to use these insights to optimize growth.

Location Views

We provide both summaries and detailed location views to support technology detection and department size predictions down to a specific location.

Subscription Data Feed

Functional Area Intelligence is available globally to customers through the HG Universe data subscription, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision-makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency. These insights can be purchased as a monthly or quarterly data subscription.


Our Functional Area Intelligence solution provides actionable insights into a company’s organization structure
so you can make a hypertargeted approach. Whether you are trying to optimize your sales territories, build highly targeted marketing campaigns, or add more sophistication to account planning, HG Insight’s Functional Area Intelligence can improve your Go-To-Market outcomes.


1 HG Insights, Entity Functional Area And Product Use Identification. Patent Application No. 506541864, March 8, 2021.


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