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Contextual Intent™ Solution Brief

contextual intent product brief

We provide custom, complete, and contextualized B2B intent data so you can target prospects and engage them early in their buying journey

HG Contextual Intent is a solution designed for companies looking to leverage the power of customer buying patterns. These insights are crucial to set yourself apart in an increasingly digital market-place where buyers are empowered to research and learn early in the buying process.

By combining intent signals with technographics, HG provides refinable context to power more effective targeting that yields a greater ROI compared to intent data alone. Our Contextual Intent solution includes bidstream data that’s triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy. This solution takes into account nearly 2 billion intent records processed each week, leveraging technographic and firmographic data on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions, and services. This intent data is then contextualized with each company’s technographic profile to provide refined insights that support laser-focused company targeting.

Discover Whitespace and Connect with Buyers Ahead of the Competition

HG’s Contextual Intent, often bundled with the HG Universe and HG Insights Platform products, combines insights from the customer’s technographic, firmographic, and intent data to provide context and actionable insights into the buyers’ journey so you can create a more refined and targeted approach to effectively support sales and marketing initiatives.

Our customers use HG’s Contextual Intent as part of their strategic initiatives to shorten the buying cycles and improve conversion rates.



Access To Best-in-Class, Quality Data

The key to quality data is HG Insights’ scoring model, which has a 90%+ precision rate. This sophisticated model scores target accounts based on the strength of the activity, from 0-100, which is then labeled as either medium or high designations, for ease of customer filtering within the platform.

Intent Data Combined With Market-leading Technology Firmographic Data

HG Insights is the only intent data provider that contextualizes intent based on a company’s technographic profile to help customers identify opportunities.

Broad Coverage on 9M+ Companies and 4,000+ Technology-Based Topics

Our intent data covers a broad range of signals from companies, industries, and geographies across all revenue ranges and employee bands. We provide coverage in 200+ countries and location resolution in 250+ metro areas within the United States.

Actionable Insights

HG Contextual Intent shortens a buyer’s path-to-purchase and contributes to higher sales productivity. This speeds sales cycles, increases win rates, and decreases customer churn.



Scoring to indicate buyer signals

With HG Insights’ scoring model, we measure the frequency of defined topics mined from the web pages viewed for any given company. We also factor in the number of locations where we observe the activity, then define data points to chart the activity to establish a baseline. Next, we track increases and trajectories over a set period of time. This scoring model gives us a signal score, including quality buyer signals with improved context and comprehension, to ensure accurate assumptions about the buyer.

Data enrichment

HG’s Contextual Intent is predominantly derived from bidstream data. We build an accurate representation of the activities important to millions of companies by applying our proprietary AI and machine learning against activities tied to companies, locations, and other relevant identifiers.

HG works with many streams of intent data to produce and license intent feeds to triangulate and contextualize intent alongside our core spend, technographic data, and technology intelligence. This provides customers with the strongest attainable signals. By themselves, intent signals can be difficult to make actionable. Combining intent data with technographics allows us to increase ROI by helping customers focus on the right accounts at the right time, based on where they are in their buying journey.

70% of a buyer’s journey is now completed before they even reach out to sales.
Source: LinkedIn

Topic selection catalog

We utilize 4,000+ technology-based topics within the HG Intent product catalog to focus on the most important topics as defined by your organization’s individual needs. Understanding your audience and targeting the topics most relevant to your buyers has the strongest impact on your sales cycles. Up to 7,000+ additional topics are available based on customer demand.

Contextual Intent based on technographic profiles

HG Insights is the only intent data provider that contextualizes intent data based on a company’s technographic profile. To drill down on specific signals, we sort our intent data into several key contexts that represent the product life cycle:

  1. Whitespace: This indicates that a prospect is researching or evaluating a product that’s not detected in a current install.
  2. Expansion: This indicates that a prospect is researching a product from a category where we already detect an install of another product from the same vendor.
  3. Displacement: This indicates that a prospect is researching a product where we already detect an install of a competitor product from a competing vendor.

HG’s Contextual Intent solution provides the most complete B2B intent data in today’s market, which allows customers to identify prospects and engage them earlier in their buying journey. It also provides context and actionable insights into a buyers’ journey, allowing you to act on these signals in a more refined, targeted approach that supports sales and marketing growth initiatives.

Contextual Intent data provides previously unattainable value to our customers with insights and intelligence that is immediately actionable.

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