What Is HG Insights?

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G2 Leader Fall 2023
Brief - What is HG Insights?

HG Insights delivers the most comprehensive technology intelligence in the world to enable smarter business decisions

Our Go-To-Market technology intelligence gives you and your team a deep understanding of what technology products your accounts and prospects have installed, what they spend on them, what the terms of their contracts are and if they are looking to buy so they can be engaged with early in their purchase journey.

Installed Technologies

HG Insights utilizes advanced data science to uncover 120 million installed technologies, specific hardware and software products that companies are using, including those that are ‘behind the firewall.”

IT Spend

The world’s largest and most granular collection of account-based IT spending intelligence. Profiling 740,000 global organizations and forecasting 140+ sub-segments of IT spend at a global, regional and country level.

Contract Renewals

The most advanced IT contract renewals intelligence on the market. Tracking 32,000 IT software and services contracts giving a unique view of what enterprises are spending on granular areas of IT.

Intent Data

Contextual Intent data that is triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy. Processing 2 billion intent records each week, we show you accounts that are ready to buy your product or solution.



HG Insights uses advanced data science to process billions of unstructured digital documents to produce the world’s most sophisticated technology installation information, IT spend, contract intelligence, and intent data.

Accurate Intelligence

Smarter Business Processes

At HG Insights we believe real value is in the intersections of data, enabling smarter processes and more strategic business decisions across your entire organization, including C-suite, sales, marketing and product teams. Cross-referencing install, spend, contract, and intent signals, alongside our core spend, technographic data and technology intelligence, delivers the very best Go-To-Market insights available in today’s market.


Data Harmonization



HG Market Intelligence

See the size, shape, and structure of your market so you can scope your opportunities.

HG Platform

Look into global markets, industries,  and companies to find opportunities.

HG Contextual Intent™

The most complete B2B intent data in today’s market that allows customers to find buyers and engage early in their purchase journey.

HG Functional Area Intelligence™

Understand where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific levels within an organization.

HG LinkedIn Connector

Increase engagement and conversions by interacting directly with companies using targeted technologies.

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