Targeted LinkedIn Advertising Based On Installed Technologies

Precisely target your ad-spend on companies using competitive or complementary technologies to deliver high relevancy messaging and generate more leads
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Drive Campaign Performance

Dramatically increase LinkedIn campaign engagement and conversions by targeting companies using specific technologies.

  • Execute competitive takeaway campaigns
  • Identify leads using solutions that integrate with yours
  • Target companies with specific strategic initiatives

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Direct Integration

HG Insights’ direct integration to LinkedIn Campaign Manager allows you to quickly build unique audience segments and launch campaigns powered HG Insights.

  • Filter by firmographics and installed technologies
  • Automatic upload to Matched Audiences
  • Push updates to include new companies

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“As a result of using HG’s segments, we are already seeing a 10x increase in click-through-rate (CTR) on our first touch advertising campaigns”

— Brent Spencer, Vice President of Demand Generation | Kimble

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Hyper-Targeted Messaging

Boost engagement and conversion rates with targeted messaging specific to the issues and pain points associated with their current technologies.

  • Target companies using end-of-life products
  • Launch new integration products
  • 10x engagement rates on your campaigns

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Flexible Solutions

Make Technology Intelligence Your Strategic Advantage

HG Insights Platform

The most advanced technology intelligence platform.

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HG for Salesforce

Deep technology intelligence directly in Salesforce CRM.

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HG for Marketo

Segment and score leads based on installed technologies.

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